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CD800 Direct-To-Card 
Maximize productivity and increase ID card issuance efficiency with the industry-leading features of the Datacard® CD800™ card printer.

 Faster printing, more reliable performance and the highest resolution available make the CD800 card printer a great fit for a variety of applications.
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CD800 with CLM
Successful Card programs begin here. The smart card issuance and management experts.

Armstrong Systems is the region’s only authorized Entrust Datacard dealer for sales and service.

We are the Leader in critical identity technologies - such as smart cards, biometrics and digital imaging. Whether you wish to use a photo ID to create a single-branded environment, or to ensure quick, visual verification for security purposes, we can assist you through the entire card issuance process. 
Create longer-lasting ID cards that better resist forgery and alteration. The Datacard® CD800™ laminating ID card printer with inline lamination module helps you protect your ID cards from abrasion, chemicals, daily wear and tear – and fraud. 
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Use the tactile impression feature to impress an easily verified design onto the card laminate and substrate to help make alteration attempts immediately evident. 

Choose from a set of generic designs, or create a custom design that impresses your unique logo or seal to elevate security as well as your brand.
CR805 Retransfer Printer
The Entrust Datacard™ CR805™ Retransfer Card Printer is the next generation of print on demand solutions. 

With brilliant color and great image quality, this new platform gives companies the flexibility and features they need to issue their ID cards– right from their desktop.
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CE 840 Embossing System With Graphics
TruCredential ID Software
Get the power to impress customers and drive new revenue with the Datacard® CE840™ instant issuance system. 

This affordable, reliable, single-hopper desktop emboss printer offers high-quality embossing, indenting and magnetic stripe encoding to elevate fraud protection and card appearance. Optional direct-to-card color printing and smart card personalization adds flexibility to this modular system.

 The CE840 system is ideal for banks, retailers, and other card issuing organizations looking to implement new programs or take customer engagement to the next level.
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Datacard® TruCredential™ Software is a flexible solution that integrates with your existing databases to bring you an easy-to-use card design, issuance and management system.

Configurable: Create custom designs and workflows to meet your specific needs

Out-of-the-Box Integration: Automatically integrate with your existing databases. Including from Microsoft Excel, Access and SQL server to more sophisticated enterprise applications, TruCredential software can integrate with your organizations systems.

Easy to deploy and manage over your network: Install and license on just a server, and remotely deploy and manage users and data

Easy-to-Use: Browser-based operation lets you use TruCredential software anytime and anywhere. (No Internet connection is required.) Design a new card quickly with intuitive, drag-and-drop designs and workflows—customized to fit your needs

Enhanced Features: Pre-built smart card configurations are available and easy to set up through the user interface. Keep track of your issuance program with comprehensive reporting.

Part of a complete solution: Entrust Datacard offers software, printers, supplies and service to provide the customer with a complete solution

Works with the latest technology, including Windows 10 and Microsoft Edge
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High quality and 100% customer satisfaction are our top priorities.
CR805 Retransfer Printer with Laminator
With the use of the industry standard lamination module and the unique tactile impression feature, you can add custom durability and security options to your card to match your unique security and durability requirements.
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