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ID badges are critical to organizations of all sizes, as they provide the foundation for that facility’s security. When implementing a badging system, ask yourself what you want your card to do. BadgePass Identity Manager is the credential management solution experts trust when they want to do more with their cards than just wear them.

Key Features:
• Database integration tools (DataSync/AD Plug-in)
• Driver’s license scanning
• Free Access Control software
• Compatible with all desktop card printers
• Enhanced print functionality with BadgePass NXT5000 card printer

BadgePass NXT5000 Printer

Enhanced Productivity
NXT5000 is perfect for printing large runs because it personalizes color cards in record time: up to 225 cards per hour for single-sided printing and 140 cards per hour for dual-sided, allowing you to save time and increase productivity.

Professional Printing
NXT5000 printers feature 300 dpi photographic resolution and edge to edge printing for optimum print quality. Helping your cards convey a professionial image of your organization.

Ideal for:
• Employee badges
• Student IDs
• Event passes
• Access control badges
• Healthcare cards
• Multi application cards

Ease of use
The card feeder and output tray are directly accessible on the front of the printer, so you can check the cards as they come out. The large capacity card feeder and output tray hold 100 cards so you don’t have to refill the printer as often. NXT5000 offers high capacity printing in a compact footprint.

BadgePass ribbons are easy to install and automatically recognized by the printer.

You can upgrade your printer according to your needs by adding magnetic stripe and contactless chip encoders. The printer can be factory configured for dual-sided printing, or the function can be activated on site.

BadgePass Web Camera
The BadgePass Web Camera offers a fast and easy way to capture and enroll user images into your system. With automatic focus adjustment and a high speed USB interface, this little camera will make capturing photos in BadgePass Visitor Manager or Identity Manager a breeze!
BadgePass Zoom Identity Camera
When quality and speed are important to your photo ID system, look no further than the BadgePass Zoom Identity Camera. The integrated flash allows for consistent lighting for every subject and in every room, allowing each picture to come out its very best every time you print a badge.
Signature Pad

The BadgePass Signature Pad is a complete and versatile pen-input system for the capture of signatures used in both BadgePass Visitor Manager and Identity Manager. User-friendly, the LCD allows for quick and easy display of your signature as you sign.
BadgePass NXT5000 is an all-in-one, affordable system for encoding, printing, and laminating your cards, with or without holograms.

 Your ID cards will have maximum durability and an increased level of security, hence reducing the amount of fraudulent actions.

 BadgePass NXT5000 prints and laminates up to 215 single-sided cards per hour.
Ask about adding this module to your current NXT Printer
BadgePass is the fastest growing credential management company in the industry. It is revolutionizing identification by creating the industry’s premiere credential management system.

BadgePass applications include ID badging, access control, visitor tracking, time management, campus card systems and more!